How it started...

How it started...

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Wow, what a on earth are we 4!!!  We thought we would reserve an entire month for anniversary celebrations....thus we have dubbed March THE month that all the celebrating happens!

As we take a stroll down memory lane the next few days with my blog posts, I can't tell you how grateful that we have made it to here.  Where is HERE....not exactly sure, but we have learned so much over the years as we have grown + changed.  We have had some amazing employees come + go....a few that have stuck around...put up with me + my coffee addiction.  

We started in my 2013 with just a few styles + color options.  What I loved + continue to love about what we make is including our customers in our process.  If you have shopped "the garage" you know how interesting the space could get, especially during Christmas.  I loved being able to grab a hide off the shelf, lay the lining over it and help our customer choose lining based on the combination.  

The customer could see, feel + understand the leather quality + love that we poured into each piece.  

What has changed.....absolutely nothing. We still get soooooo excited looking through the "done" bin at customers color choices + peeking at the newness coming out in the next collection.  

This month you will see some very new things.....things that we have had on the back burner for a while, waiting for the right moment to launch as well as some fantastic new leather coming out in our Anniversary Collection.  

We are thrilled to share this collection with you as well as the unveiling of a little surprise that we have had a hard time keeping a secret!!! 

More to come....

PS----the photo was taken in the garage days.  Genevieve was around 4....I think she spent almost as many hours with me in the garage as I did....although I think she would find a cozy spot and take a nap most of the time.  

Cheers to your weekend!



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Donna Kincheloe
Donna Kincheloe

I loved your garage
One of my treasures was born there. 😘

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