What is the TOP 5?

What is the TOP 5?

So, what is the TOP 5 you ask? Well, if you are like me, you ebb and flow between different versions of your style, your wardrobe, what you carry, how you carry----always changing.  

We love the idea of always tweaking + always moving toward the true you---that's why we love accessories (other than they always fit)---because with accessories you can go back + forth, in + out of different phases of your style pretty easily.  

I for one have a ONE handbag problem...I try, but when you are surrounded by them constantly, you develop a bit of a problem...or perhaps a little habit of switching them out every month or so---and of course carrying more than one at a time.

This is where the TOP 5 comes in. 

I wanted to share a bit of the lifestyle surrounded by the the handbags that I am loving + living in every month. I want to share with you the function, purpose + the creativity surrounding this true style + how you can use accessories to embrace it.  

Check out this month's TOP 5 HERE --- you will love them, I know that I do.

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