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Bon jour this fine Monday morning to you all and Happy Easter!  If you are following me on Instagram @wearalexisdrake or on Facebook you were forced to view my trip abroad.  Nothing short of amazing to be immersed in another culture, surroundings, language, food and people - all of which were absolutely beautiful over the past 10 days.  With my sketchbook in tow to the sites of the UK and France I found inspiration everywhere.  

The sound of the waves washing up the smooth round stones and sea shells was relaxing as was the foggy view from the coast.  We sampled the oysters and couldn't resist the local fish and chips.  The carrot cake was lovely as was the amount of buggies we saw toting little lovelies along the sea side.

Our May Pop-Up Shop date and location will be announced in the upcoming days as well as our Limited Offering of jewelry and handbags (just finishing them up!!!!) - you are gonna LOVE them!!  

Have you been abroad? Where was your favorite place, favorite meal or where do you plan to visit?? Would love to hear where you have been or intend on traveling to.   

Hope you are well.  Take care and talk soon!



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