The Quote Bracelet - The Story

It's a random evening in our simple household of 4.  The children have said their goodnights and the hubs and I are found in front of the tube searching for a movie to watch.  I can't tell you which movie it is, nor can I tell you what it was about, because generally I am working at the kitchen table - toting supplies in from the garage and trying to still catch glimpses or I am half asleep on the sofa.  Either of which is my usual when it comes to movie watching these days.  The only part I remember in this movie is the this point I am thinking that it could have been an actor - saying this "La foi de las montagnes" and explaining - perhaps it is in subtitles.  It meant something profound in the movie, so I jotted it down in my sketch book, sort-of.  I didn't know how to spell it, nor did I think that I had captured the actual verbage correctly.  So I waited.  I waited until I ran into this sweet woman who occasionally visits our church.  She had grown up in France, fluent in french and I believe her family then moved to Greece.  So, I asked her if she could help me find this phrase and write it down for me.  She said she would have to ask a couple friends and consult her dictionary to get the correct spelling and such.  Needless to say, not long after our conversation, I received a little note in the mail with the phrase on it.  I love the simplicity of those sweet little sounds I know I don't pronounce well.  I love the meaning that we all (spiritual or not) can attach to its words.  I love the metallic ink that is used over the dark brown leather making an almost platinum sheen. I believe the words, that yes, "Faith, {does} move mountains" make me smile. 


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