A new look for a new season!

With every season comes growth and newness and that crisp feeling when you step outside.  This season we have spearheaded a couple of very big changes.  We have made some new connections within the leather world and increased our production of our leather goods as well as add some fantastic new metal pieces to our collection. 

We have decided to offer a few things exclusively online through our website this year, as well as a select few handbags.  We have decided to do this for a couple reasons.  These pieces are unique and offer a level of customization that may be difficult in a brick and mortar.  Additionally, the leather that we use comes by the hide, no two hides being the same, therefore, we cans sell only a limited amount based upon the leather we have available in each hide. 

We wish you all a wonderful fall and will let you know when we have our limited collection available for purchase!

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