My favorite...

I know it isn't always the best policy to have 

favorites within a collection, considering everything should be your favorite when you design the stuff, but I do have a few favorites - a few go-to's on a day to day wear.  I thought that I would share them with you partly because I am still sitting on a bunch of fine photos from our last photoshoot and partly because our branding is part of the lifestyle NOT of the "rich and famous" - let's see how far that dates me...but a lifestyle of effortless style and every day simplistic wear.  The idea of always looking like you are put together - but only because you slept in your earrings sort of lifestyle.  This lifestyle I live -  like most of you are struggling to keep up in this pace we call crazy - the last thing you want to think about is accessorizing!!  So here are a couple pieces that are "throw on with anything" pieces. 

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