What makes our process unique...

What makes our process unique...

From our garage, to our 900 sq ft space on Lincolnway to our now “room to grow” space on Carey, we have not only been lucky to find a space that works for our production, but also houses us all under one roof.

It has taken me a while to realize that we are a bit different from other retailers. Up until a few years ago, I put us under the category of just making + selling. Yes, it is the same, however, once we started thinking about what we do in terms of manufacturing, we started looking at our processes a bit differently + understanding why we look a bit different than other handbag companies.

What makes us unique is that we manufacture all of our handbags + accessories in-house…yep, in our building on Carey…it’s a pretty gorgeous historic building—-er, handbag factory!

What makes this awesome is that when we design a new prototype, we pull up the file, cut it out, walk it into the sewing room, visit with the sewing team regarding the construction + get it sewn right here in Cheyenne. That process is usually very different for those companies who outsource their manufacturing.

We feel so fortunate that we are able to provide amazing quality construction in our skilled seamstresses + production staff. We invite you to come + tour our building, shop + meet our amazing team. Our team is part of our amazing community + we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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