Reflecting on YEAR we get ready to launch our Anniversary Collection!

Reflecting on YEAR we get ready to launch our Anniversary Collection!

Five years as a brick-and-mortar…sheesh how time flies—-and just think this all started because I couldn’t find a handbag I liked.

It does feel like it was just yesterday, that I was trying to add more lighting to the ceiling of our garage, figure out where I was going to store more leather + how to get another sewing machine to fit in the garage.

The visible growth, with our building, our production process + our team is beautiful, not to mention the growth in our beautiful downtown community! What I seem to reflect on more + more (as I age) is my own growth as a leader, colleague, wife + mom.

Someone asked me recently what I thought my “role” was…in my community. And I thought a bit about how to answer…that was a hard one. I think my role has always been to do things a bit differently, not the status quo—-to show that there are more ways than one to way to do things well. I think sometimes we get stuck when we don’t look like other companies or we hit certain milestones, but don’t necessarily know how to interpret that data.

I want my role to be someone who doesn’t wait for the right answer to smack me in the forehead. I want to show that progress only happens when you take action. Make a decision, you may win—or you will learn—-and learning is the fun part.

Thank you for encouraging me + my team to grow + step outside our comfort zone a little. If we hadn’t taken the leap, pretty sure the garage would be a little too crowded—-and my family would have evicted us at some point!

Stay tuned for more fun photos + memories of the years leading to this one! Thank you for supporting our small business! 

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