To Make : Knitted in-house by our skilled knitting team of 2

To Make : Knitted in-house by our skilled knitting team of 2

When you can't find what you are looking for in the market my case, you are stubborn enough to go out + learn how TO MAKE whatever it is.  This, however, is a common theme in our story--- see our story.  

The best part about THIS part of the story is that these 2 gifted knitters spend well over half the year knitting for us---or at least thinking about our next season of knitting--AND, I don't have to knit...I am absolutely terrible at knitting.

Bel started making hats for us around 4 or 5 years ago --- and for the last couple years, we have to start planning pretty early...due to supply chain issues.  Ordering in March for the following year + thinking about hat patterns in the summer.....pretty strange time, I know.  

We roped Karissa to join Bel in this knitting venture a few years ago + I know that we couldn't do it with out them...also because no one else knits----BUT they do it better than anyone we know + they both do it with a smile on their face + likely sore knitting fingers.  

Way before the cold season strikes they both are searching for new hat patterns + ideas on what we can launch next.  Of course then we are talking about colors + types of yarn---how many skeins of yarn we need for the season---see I know a little yarn vocab!! Skeins, for those of you who are new to yarn vocab, is the measurement (like a yarn ball) that yarn comes in.  The length varies based on the type (thickness) of the yarn.  

Our favorite yarn + the company we use most often is Malabrigo.  Malabrigo comes from Uruguay + Peru, from a family owned company that hand-dyes all of their amazing wool yarn.  I love their yarn because it is soft enough for my very "allergic to wool" skin---it truly doesn't irritate my skin at all.  AND it wears soooo well. 

We are grateful for the time + attention + amazing skills of our knitters.  They are truly the best at what they do.  Shop our newest wool hats that they have finished HERE

P.S. --- There are always a few fun hats on the floor in our Cheyenne + Ft. Collins retail stores that are not online---go check them out!

P.P.S. --- Take your vitamin C + whatever you use for staying healthy.....I type this while in bed with the Flu.  Stay healthy friends + put on a hat!!!


Cheers to your week!


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