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The Travel Bug


 The Travel Bug

We had dinner this past weekend with some of our friends and they shared their Spring Break plans of traveling abroad.  While we spoke about the museums they needed to visit and restaurants they must dine at, I began to daydream back to our trip to London and Paris a couple years ago.
I will never forget stepping off the train from London to Paris.  The sounds, the smells, the signs –all in French. (Read about my 2018 goal to learn to speak French) We stepped out onto the sidewalk and hailed a cab to our hotel.  After getting settled, our first goal was to walk until we found a bakery—ANY bakery and EAT---then walk to the next bakery and EAT more!  (Pictured above – Me and MY Crepe—no I didn’t share)
Long before getting on the plane, I realized that I only had a bigger handbag to take with me and needed something smaller – travel sized, but big enough for money, passport, phone, sunglasses, map?  Something that was worn cross-body--was light and slim to wear all day and all evening.  Enter-- the Traveler cross-body tote---all of that and much more.  The one worn in the picture was our prototype, hand-stitched and worn enough to create a beautiful shiny teal patina.   
Some time later, we re-named it the Tourist.  We added 3 lovely pockets, optional “Sally Straps” --for one of our favorite customers who loves the satchel-type handles on her cross-body.  We made the cross-body strap adjustable as well as our signature options to customize leather, stitching, hardware and interior fabric choices. 
I have the travel bug.  Not sure where to go, but ready to explore, my Tourist in hand.  Paris? Yes, but not until I can speak their beautiful language – working on it! 
Au Revior!

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