A story about a handbag... - Alexis Drake

A story about a handbag...

As we finish up on our prototypes for our upcoming collection, I can’t help reminisce on how we began our leather journey.  We have grown our production, our designs, our purpose into something that I never thought possible.

Getting ready for a date-night one evening about four years ago, Ty sweetly said that he wanted to buy me something special.  He wanted to buy me a handbag, a grown-up handbag, a purse.  He said for me to find my favorite and let him know.  My imagination began to race and visions of brands like Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors started swimming through my head.  I looked down at my current handbag---it was the re-usable shopper bag from Lululemon.  Time for an upgrade. 

As I looked for my special bag, things like function and design, organization and versatility, durability and timelessness were what I searched for, but couldn’t find in just ONE bag.  So, I made my own.  My first bag was nothing short of an experiment.  But it worked.  I learned from it and made another.  I took this second bag to an art conference in Colorado and sold it off my body while waiting in line for coffee one morning.  That is when it began.  I made a couple more in canvas and found a local awning maker to help me sew our first leather bags.  We have learned and grown so much from those first designs and have loved every second of the development of our styles.  

Our quality, colorful leather cowhides are sourced from California and we do our best to use every single part of the hide in our products.  Our hardware comes to us from Ohio and doubles as horse tack.  Our leather handbags and accessories are made by women in Cheyenne, Wyoming and worn by women everywhere.  Our growth has happened because of these women and we are proud to say that they rock our philosophy of effortless style every day.

How do you rock your effortless style?

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