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the story : the quote bracelet


I met Eleni after church years ago, she was in town visiting from Denver.  At first I was I love with her accent, a thick, beautiful French dialect filled our conversation about my first (recent) trip to Paris and how I couldn’t wait to go back.  I had also had recently seen a French subtitled film and the translation of a quote was sticking with me —- so I consulted Eleni to help me get the adequate French translation.  “La Foi Deplace Les Montagnes” was the quote — in English, “Faith Moves Mountains.”  It was fitting quote for me at the time (and continues to be), because although I always knew that I had faith, but it helped to enforce that my faith was growing alongside everything I was being challenged with.  


Fast forward to present day, my “La Foi or Faith” quote bracelet still is one of the four bracelets I stack on my wrist on a daily basis.  Most of the others, colors, styles rotate, but this one is there forever.  A constant reminder to keep on working hard, keep on praying hard, keep on doing good things.


Recently, in the last week, our family suffered a huge loss.  My father passed away in his sleep.  This has shaken our world from the bottom up and as we continue to go through the grieving process, I often catch myself fiddling with my “Faith” bracelet.  


When I was growing up, my dad would drop me off at school and before I would get out of the car he would say, “ Think nice thoughts, say nice things, have a great day” —- Over the last couple of years as he would come and go from my home and pick his grandkiddos up, we shared a couple more of these quotes in passing—-would make both of us smile and reminisce about our drop-off days.  


So I added another bracelet to my wrist this week to remember my amazing dad, full of faith and love, so kind and cared about everyone.   

Know that I share this not as a sales pitch, but for you to know that we make products that you can personalize and customize just for you.  Times of our life require different quotes or mantras that can encourage us to stay the course, help us to endure, keep us excited about a challenge or remind us of our heritage.  

Custom Quote Bracelet

What would you wear around your wrist as a daily reminder?


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Janelle Rose
Janelle Rose

Friend, I’m thinking about you and praying for you. Just as his words will never leave you, you will feel his presence for the rest of your days, most often in the times you need his advice and wisdom the most. My bracelet would be, “What did you learn?”, a question asked by my dad, who was also taken too early, when I would come to him for help in some of my lowest times. Parents never leave us. They live on in us, reminding us how to keep our chins up in the worst of times and in the words of love and courage we eventually pass on to our own children. I am so sorry you are going through this.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know it can be hard. Bless you and your family

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