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Meet our Collections



Meet our collections. For those new to our brand, here’s a little ditty on how our collections work. We our excited to share them with you! 

Seasonal Collection -  Winter, spring, summer or fall…yes, you should have a friend and a handbag for every season, thank you James Taylor.   Our seasonal collection is comprised of seasonal, limited leathers, that are chosen by our team to create a selected seasonal grouping of handbags that represent a classic style for the season.  These styles, leathers, linings and combinations of details are curated and then made.  Our price point for this collection is our beginning base price, our most affordable handmade luxury handbags.  These handbags are completed before the collection launches and are ready to ship free next business day.  SHOP OUR SEASONAL COLLECTION HERE

Couture Collection - The word couture lives in a different realm in the fashion world.  I envision a beautiful gown that gets walked down then run way, seen so rarely in every day style.  Our version of couture is created with the same design intention of being different and stylish, yet fitting with our ethos of effortless style for everyday wear.  Our couture collection are one-of-a-kind creations put together by our design team with leathers and linings collected during our travels.  Leather from special collections and exclusive linings in such limited quantity, perfect for our one-of-a-kind beauties.  Our couture collection features a price point that sits a bit higher than our seasonal collection, still offering our affordable luxury and exclusive one-of-a-kind design at a competitive price and ship free next business day.  SHOP OUR COUTURE COLLECTION HERE

Custom Collection - This is the collection where it all began.  We started making handbags, because there wasn’t a handbag in the marketplace that offered the ability to choose your own finishes.  All of our finishes are completely customizable, from stitching to hardware, leather and zipper accents, patch & strap and lining options and more. Our selection of handbag sizes and styles offer a variety of choices and ability to customize each part of your handbag for your style and purpose.  All inclusive pricing for our custom options allow for you to personalize it all under one price.  Custom handbag production is between 2-6 weeks and ships free. CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN HANDBAG HERE

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