The Dolly - Our newest satchel

The Dolly - Our newest satchel

Meet "Dolly" -- our newest style. Adapted from one of our previous styles, this lovely little satchel is my new favorite.
"Dolly" was the nickname that was given to my great grandmother Genevieve --- scroll to the bottom to see an image of this lovely lady + the sweet family of four that is the namesake of our company. She is standing with my "Yiayia" (grandmother) Esther, + next to my great grandfather George Dracos, who is holding my great Aunt Maria.
Her family called her Dolly because she was the youngest of 12 siblings, 3 sets of twins (what?!) + she was so full of life that they all babied her....and called her the dolly!
We love this handbag for its simplicity + its beautifully stitched details. The top stitch is my absolute favorite---if we could put it on every handbag, we would.
Wear it on your wrist or grab one of our crossbody straps to wear it hands-free. A special release in our newest leathers!


the dracos family

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