The Anniversary Scarf | Bandana

The Anniversary Scarf | Bandana

This year as we head into our 4th year of full-time, brick + mortar business + our 10th year as a business we can't help but reflect on all the amazing learning that has happened during this time.  We are so grateful for the endless love + support that has embraced us over the years.  

Looking ahead at our brand + how we want it to grow, we had to dig deep + figure out what is true for us.   Our brand truly has been a combination of the heritage of the west + energy of the urban lifestyle.  As we move forward, we see it more as a lifestyle that takes center stage in the true west, the rocky mountains + beyond.

Our philosophy has always been to make your everyday style effortless --- to make it easy to look put together, to accessorize your true style. 

Inspired by my favorite colors + shapes, our anniversary scarf has a little bit of everything.  A little bit of vintage, a touch of retro + sprinkle of modern to introduce our ethos of true west to kick off our anniversary collection. 

This collection is fun + meaningful + begins to tell the story of our future---lifestyle accessorizing at its core.  Truly you--- paired with the true west.

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