Spring flowers bring... - Alexis Drake

Spring flowers bring...

We hit a seasonal milestone with the first day of spring coming---and for those of you in the East---going.  I couldn’t help but have a spring (ha!) in my step, not to mention my kids playing outside and not getting blown over—and of course the uncanny arrival of hay fever that has plagued me and the dog.

I was forced to get out the bikes this week that have been kept away all winter.  This made me giggle, because I know that next week we will be under a drift of wet snow.    The kids played outside until close to 7pm some evenings.  And can we please talk about the sweet sound of the birds.  I know you sleeper inners are cursing them, but its way better than the wind. 

With spring break in sight, I thought about how perfect a couple of our new styles are for travel.  The Sophie and Colette are of the same size, and lovely in their own way.  Perfect to carry everything that you need without being too heavy.  Worn cross-body they both have an outside cellphone pocket as well as 2 interior pockets.  These two styles are perfect for where ever your spring travels takes you.  Customize yours in time for your getaway.

With the changing of the season our mood shifts to a new mood---a new light within that looks forward to warmer days and cool evenings.  Even if it is little tastes here and there.  We know the snow is not yet finished with us, but I am grateful for this glimmer of spring—the bulbs popping up from the soft ground and the green blades of grass visible through the brown. 

Cheers to bike riding and porch parties in the near future, or the last couple rounds of snowblowing!

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