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FAQ : What's the best way to clean my necklace?

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There are a couple ways to clean your sterling, brass or 14K gold fill pieces.  You can purchase non-toxic jewelry soaks that will help with tarnish and dirt as well as make your own.  Here are a couple easy ways to clean your jewels at home, with safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients.

1)  Cover the inside of a small bowl with foil, fill with hot water and add 3 TBSP of baking soda.  Stir to dissolve.  Add jewelry and make sure it is touching the foil.  The tarnish and dirt will be attracted to the foil instead of your jewelry.  After water is cooled, rinse with mild dish soap and repeat if necessary.

2) Soak jewelry in club soda over night.

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While the experts note that most gemstones can be cleaned with a gentle dish soap and water mixture, Brown suggests using a non-toxic jewelry .. https://www.facebook.com/erijewelry/

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