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Amelia | Phase 1

This all started with an silly idea that if we had a trailer, we could take this idea of a Pop-Up and take it to the more #ADventurous level, sharing our products with other communities.  We looked and looked for something that would fit our brand, our philosophy, our craziness.  We had all but given up, when friends of ours, Pam & Wayne (who own and know Airstreams), mentioned that they were looking to sell one of theirs. (Sidenote - Pam & Wayne own Twisted Hearts in Sheridan)  

We jumped at the chance and before we had even seen it or purchased it, she had a name.  Amelia.

Amelia, the name of a beautiful soul who was fearless.  She had an amazing stye and gift of innovation.  She was attracted to shiny rivets and knew no limits.

Pre-phase 1 started with peeling out the center contents of the Airstream.  Amelia is a 1975 Overlander model, so she is around 29' feet long and 8' wide and rounded at the corners.   See THIS post for these lovely photos.

Then came the sanding, buffing and shining.  Amelia spent some time at the Floyd's Truck Center's body shop to get a shiny new coat.  

We hired Jason, aka vintage trailer rehabber, to take on the interior of Amelia.  He has removed all of the interior remnants that we had no idea how to get rid of.  The piping, the toilet, the water heater, all the mechanics that make it a travel trailer.  He has added sub-flooring where needed to level the flooring and much more.

Phase 2 is has already begun and this part, my friends is what I cannot wait for - this is the flooring, the paint, the lighting.  It is the part that brings it all together.  

Here are some amazing photos of Amelia at Phase 1 of our project.  

Stay tuned for Phase 2 - coming soon!

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