The Roundabout Tote | Phase 2 : Exclusive Pre-Order Pricing

phase 2 - roundabout tote

The Roundabout Tote | Phase 2  :  Exclusive Pre-Order Pricing 

The construction of this weekend bag has been so incredibly fun and successful that we are trying something a little different for the pre-production phase of this lovely tote.  

During our pre-production, we source and purchase leather, purchase hardware, notions, create samples and get professional photos taken so we can be able to provide an "in-time" inventory piece when ordered.  

Because we have received so much positive feedback and excitement about the Roundabout, we have decided to offer exclusive PRE-ORDER pricing on our first weekend bag.  

Interested?  This is how it works.  While we are in pre-production (approximately 1-2 weeks), the pre-orders we receive will help us fund the initial cost in our bulk of materials needed to create our inventory.  And because it is during this phase, YOUget a special discount because YOU were part of the process.   

Each Roundabout Tote has various leather option colors and leather handle colors and my personal favorite - the option to personalize.  

We are thrilled to offer you our first weekender bag, The Roundabout Tote at this exclusive pricing to thank you for being part of the process and allowing our small business model thrive. 

Roundabout Tote

Roundabout Tote

Roundabout Tote

Roundabout Tote

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