Studio Project : The Roundabout Tote  |  Phase 1

Studio Project : The Roundabout Tote | Phase 1

The Roundabout Tote | Phase 1 

There is a supreme struggle to keep it simple in our day-to-day lives.  Striving to organize, compartmentalize, declutter, donate, and downsize,  all the while being a professional, wife and mom.   

Then... there is the rare and welcome chance to go away for the weekend!  What to pack--how many pairs of shoes, what kids of clothes for the weather, formal or casual?  The endless options.  

Breathe and be simple.  Take only your favorites--ONLY your favorites! Enjoy the feeling of wearing only your favorite clothes and accessories.  That's why you bought them.

To tote your favorites, Alexis Drake is answering several requests for a weekend bag.  So here it is, our version of the simply perfect weekender: the "Roundabout" has enough room to tote your favorites for a weekend get-away.  

In ode to you and the Roundabout, here is our brand spankin' new email series of our design and production process.  From start to finish--stream of consciousness, sketches, leather types, prototypes (mistakes and all)--we want you to know what this process is all about from our designers' perspective.  


Phase 1 :  Size, Shape, Details

The starting point for our Roundabout Tote: the simple concept.  Then the leather; we will use the same handbag leather that we source from Napa Valley, CA, USA.  Sizing for this getaway tote is the largest that we have ever done.  We want it large enough to get your favs tucked in nicely for the jaunt.  You will see the same ribbon details and brass hardware that currently compliment our products.  The key difference though folks, is that this one will have a zippered closure folks.  Yep, we said zipper. Classic, simple, lovely, colorful, authentic, useful, purposeful, every-weekend durable--just a few words that give us inspiration.  Looking forward to sharing the construction phase with you.

Share your thoughts with us on our social media outlets below, we love to get feedback and suggestions!!

Studio Project : Phase 1  |  The Roundabout Tote


Studio Project : Phase 1  |  The Roundabout Tote

Studio Project : Phase 1  |  The Roundabout Tote

Studio Project : Phase 1  |  The Roundabout Tote

Studio Project : Phase 1  |  The Roundabout Tote

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