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What is a Pop Up Shop?

What is a Pop Up Shop?
According to Wikipedia the term Pop Up Shop/Retail refers to a temporary shop or boutique that essentially "pops up" in a
location for a certain amount of time, closes up and pops up
somewhere else. 
  • For Alexis Drake Pop Ups -- we look out for fun, historic, vacant spaces.
Apparently, pop ups began in the 90s and became a perfect way for retailers to test markets or new products or simply to
create a "short-term experience."  Similar to "Guerrilla Marketing" (one of
my absolute favorite strategies) -- Pop up shops provide
an urgency for consumers and allow for a buzz or energy to
surround a shopping experience or product promotion.  
Summer Pop Up Fun Facts
  • We are popping up in the heart of downtown Cheyenne, WY at the historic Tivoli building. 
  • We are going to be open for 10 whole days...
  • PS - we have never popped up for longer than 2 days so this "experience" will be one for the books!
  • Can you guess what the Tivoli was when this awesome picture was taken back in 1900? 

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