The Red Dress

The Red Dress

the red dress

The Red Dress

I met Sue in 2019 when we were looking to open a storefront in downtown Cheyenne.  She was a business woman who asked the hard questions + was very specific on who + what type of business she rented to.

She was petite, had a quick wit + although battled cancer (I think twice) + carried her oxygen on her hip with such gumption---no one would dare mess with this woman.

We had been working out of our garage for the last 4 years, and were reluctant to rent, only because we wanted to own, however, we, both (Tyler + I ) had a really good feeling upon walking into this space--it just fit. 

AND there was something about Sue that we both really enjoyed. 

My favorite conversations with Sue were about her business (Sue's Gifts) + how much she cared for all of our businesses (her other tenants were neighbors).  She would come + check on us every few weeks or so, make sure she was up on the neighborhood happenings + always end with one thing..."just keep selling, " she would say. 

Our success was her success.

She was an inspiration to all of us...her tenants, and those who knew her. Sue passed in early 2020 + left a beautiful legacy.  One that I see every day----I am surrounded by her collection of buildings + am grateful to have known her.

The Red Dress was Sue's, a gift from her daughters to us after her passing, Sue had wanted us to have it.  Something beautifully handmade to remember her by. Such a special gift + reminder to support one-another in this beautiful thing called life + business.

A lovely reminder as we head into the Holiday season---her love + support of downtown business continues through all of you.

Thank you for your love + support of small business!

-XO Lexie





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