The Brown & Gold

I never have enjoyed watching the game of football.  I'm not sure I ever sat to watch a game, even when my parents used to drag me to University of Wyoming football games every weekend.  I would happily go play with my friends.  And I don't think I caught even a quarter in college either -- I hung out at the tailgate, rarely making it into the stadium.   (If you ask my mother and my cousins--I didn't get the football gene.)
Needless to say, growing up in a University of Wyoming Cowboy family there is one thing that you always do, even if you don't like the seasonal sport ---- you proudly wear the brown & gold.  Memories from my youth are filled with these sporting events, my parents and grandparents cheering on the Cowboys and the colors that would surround the football tailgates.  Not to mention the cool, crisp, snowy and windy fall evenings under the lights. (I remember a few specifically, sitting in the car with my dad because of the cold wind, while the rest of the family endured the stands.---Those people were crazy!)
My most favorite of all--and quite possibly the most vivid memory-- were the gorgeous golden mums that all of the alumni would wear on their lapels so very proudly to mark the annual homecoming festivities.  These mums were the golden yellow of fall and whose petals would be perfectly bloomed for these special games.  
I did not attend the University of Wyoming for undergrad or graduate studies, however, these colors are still part of the fabric of Wyoming, this awesome place my family calls home AND some that I am most fond of.  The combination of these colors are a perfect compliment to the west and a tribute to our golden sunsets and rugged plains.
In honor of our home on the range, we have created a collection that pairs the rugged rocky brown and buttery gold in our most popular styles.  Each style is lined with our greige, all-weather linen, printed with our logo in a golden ink and accented with the rocky brown or butter gold leather. 
We invite you to take your brown & gold, a lovely tribute to Wyoming, to the game or to the tailgate...or just to coffee...proudly sporting the brown & gold heritage.
Cheers to your traditions and your childhood memories!  And GO WYO!!

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