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Summer Hats | Pre-Order Launch

Spring and summer bring out some of my favorite colors in nature.  Grass turns that deep shade of green and appears full and ready to be walked in.  The white and  blooms on the trees and bushes are bursting open with color and that beautiful lilac aroma—so reminiscent of seasons before.  All of this seems to happen overnight.  And the birds, love their songs…ok, ok—- just really glad we made it through winter!

In the studio the colors of summer are being sewn and sampled for our upcoming summer collection.  We will share sneak peeks with you over the next week and are set to launch on May 29th with our summer collection pre-sales.  You will fall in love with our new leather collection —- a perfect color palette for the season of sun.

Today, we are launching our new hats!  Every season we work to find some new and different items to add to our collection.  This season we are launching our new hat collection.  We have partnered with Blowfish Designs, out of White Salmon, Washington.  We have chosen a couple of their designs for our launch because of their essence of outdoor lifestyle and adventure that is a perfect compliment to our brand.

We have them in three different sizes and three different colors.  The large is your typically retro trucker hat - larger rise.  The medium is a lovely fit if you have a smaller adult head…this one fits my “kid-sized” head nicely.  And the toddler is perfect for your little who is always ready for any adventure.  A great way to shield the sun and be stylish all at once. 

SHOP HATS --Pre-Order Today - Expected ship date 6/15/18.

Wednesday, we are popping up at Central Cafe, in Cheyenne from 10am-2pm.  We will have our studio stock available and take orders for any of our Every Day collection.  You will also be able to view some samples of our summer collection.

Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We are sharing some fun pieces on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm on Facebook Live.






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