So many thanks....from my puffy heart to yours. - Alexis Drake

So many thanks....from my puffy heart to yours.

While I continue to reflect on this start of the holiday season, I am counting my blessings daily.  Although, this season continues to be filled with grief with the loss of my Dad, the memories continue to pour in of treasured moments and past holiday traditions.  

One of my favorite traditions with my Pop was our annual quart of Egg Nog.  We would buy one before Thanksgiving — you know, to test it out and then another for Christmas.  We only could stomach about a half a glass, but it was always cold and refreshing -- our little moment of smiles and familiar cozy flavors. 

I am so grateful and thankful for our amazing team at Alexis Drake — we are surviving another amazing holiday season and sewing/making like crazy in our little studio workshop. 

We are thankful for your continued support and grateful for each and every one of you sharing your love. As a small business, we are grateful for each year of growth and cannot thank you enough for making that possible. 

We have a few new holiday traditions to share with you to celebrate the season and important deadlines and shop hours you need to be aware of. 

From my glass of egg nog to yours -- cheers to your traditions and your holiday season!

Share your holiday traditions with us below!!

xoxo - Lexie


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