NEW STYLE : The Adri

NEW STYLE : The Adri

Naming a style takes a little more than you might think. We name everything in the studio, from machines to scissors, everything has a name. Why? Because when I first starting sewing handbags, alone in the garage, I felt better saying, “we” make sewing machine “Olga” and I. Styles in our collection have the same importance in naming + this one, however, was a little more special.

This always pressed + put-together woman told me stories of setting her hair in rollers before classes in college + wearing the most vibrant polyester the year she met my Dad.  I have never known anything but class + style from my Mother, Adri.  I believe that my love for fashion + accessories came from her + my grandmother...albeit a little later than she had hoped---there was a "hair must be brushed" rule before leaving the house growing up.  Grateful to have learned + continue to learn from the most fashionable woman I know---and get to call Mama...although I call her Adri a bit more now!

This handbag style has everything thought-out, down to the piping.  Just as Adri carefully curates her wardrobe + accessories, this classic shape + style is the perfect size to carry the essentials.  Strapped with a 3/4" hobo strap this lovely is sure to be a timeless classic for your accessory collection!




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