NEW Custom Experiences

NEW Custom Experiences

This month we celebrate all that is CUSTOM....this is really the only opportunity to get custom at a beautiful 15% OFF too!  

First + foremost, customizing your handbag or accessories is the same as always, BUT we have added NEW leather colors for the month of January-->or until they run out.  

AND this year we decided to build upon our custom experiences.  Because we make everything under our studio roof in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming, we thought it would be fun to include our customers in the ENTIRE process. is the run down.  

If you want access to our NEW custom leathers you can begin by customizing online or coming in our Cheyenne, WY or Ft. Collins, CO locations + customizing.  Our retail associates are extremely knowledgable + can assist you in choosing all of your most favorite choices.  

If you want a little MORE we have some fun new options available in JANUARY only!

The BAG COLLAB experience 

1) You + Lexie, our owner + designer, get to sit down in person or schedule time over zoom + create your own special bag! She has loads of ideas coupled with years of experience + plenty of favorites when it comes to leather combinations!

2) You get SPECIAL access to all 2024 custom leathers + linings PLUS Lexie's secret stash of leathers! She picks up hides here + there along her travels + gives you your pick!

The MAKE IT IN A DAY experience 

Make it in a day is exactly get to watch it being made in a day, start to finish. starts out the same as the Bag Collab.  You sit down with Lexie + choose from all the NEW colors + stash colors THEN...

You schedule a day + time to come + hang out with our production team.  Watch your handbag being laser cut, cleaned, glued + stitched...while you watch + visit with our makers! Watch as your handbag travels through the entire production process.


These custom experiences are only available during the month of January---very limited times + dates available.  

This special experience is an additional cost to your custom handbag cost.

Please feel free to reach out to our team over the phone (307)426-4322 or via email at for any questions!

We look forward to making your custom experience amazing!

Cheers to your 2024!


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