My Top 10 for 2018


I am not keen on the word resolution, I prefer to substitute it with the word, goals.  For the last, 4 years we have had goals.  Big goals, small goals, some crazy and even some realistic goals.  Some were attained in the first week of writing them down, others, not until years-end did we see them through.  One surprising thing, for me-–the-not-disciplined-in-anything-kind-of-girl, was that they were accomplished. All of them. Each year.

I make a top 10 list.  10 personal and 10 business.  Sometimes they overlap, sometimes they include very specific things, like learn French—or sometimes very broad, like begin a “quest” for balance---yes, broad and lifelong.

The important part of these goals is the idea that many little steps can help lead you achieve a bigger goal. 

I am gabbing on about this, partly because I love to share things that work, that can help with projects and that can make us more successful.  AND, we want you to help us be accountable!  We love to get feedback ---that means we can get better!

One of our biggies is that we see more of how YOU wear our leather goods and accessories!  We know you rock your own effortless style and we would love to share those photos in our feed. 

So we are hoping that you tag us in your social media snapshots with #alexisdrake or if you have given up social media for the year or would like to upload your photos to our site, here is a link to do this.  Upload your photo HERE

Instagram @wearalexisdrake


We look forward to the goodness that 2018 has to offer and seeing your amazing photos!  Know that we will tag you back and give you credit for your photo. ;) 










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