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Ask Lexie : How did this whole handbag thing start? all started with my husband telling me that it was time for me to get rid of the re-usable grocery bag that I was carrying around as my purse. He said that for my birthday, he wanted to buy me a really nice purse --- one that was for me, not the kiddos---we were finally out of the "always bringing the diaper bag" stage and he wanted me to go out and find something perfect.


So I did, I went to the department stores, scoured the internet and couldn't find anything that fit. I am big on good design, functionality, shape, comfort, in most things I purchase so this was important as I was searching.


As I was searching, there were always a few things missing in each handbag that I would consider. The design + shape would be perfect, but the materials would be low quality. Or the materials would be amazing, but the functionality would be off and the handbag would weigh a ton to begin with.


So, instead of giving up my search, I started combining all the things that I needed and loved into one bag.....that I made.


At first, I used canvas that I had screen printed on for the body of the purse---details were added out of function and design. High quality hardware and leather straps were a must.


I used my handmade creation, testing it out, making notes on what the next prototype would look like. I would get feedback + compliments from friends and colleagues (I was teaching elementary art at the time)---and continued to make more prototypes.


Not thinking past my own need for my "homemade" handbag, I was caught off-guard while at an art teacher conference, in line for coffee, when a gal came up and offered to purchase my handbag.


I offered to make her a new one, pointing out all the flaws with my prototype. I couldn't get her to change her mind, she wanted my prototype, flaws and all.


So I moved my stuff into the conference "free" tote bag and returned home with a plan. First, to make another bag and second, how to make it better than the last---and third...maybe make a few more for anyone who would want them.


Over the next year, I tested different materials, construction, designs and FELL IN LOVE with the process of making amazing, high quality handbags that can be worn every day.

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