Ambassador Launch | Texas Style

Ambassador Launch | Texas Style

Our most recent trip to Texas was oh so fun…we traveled south to explore + experience a few things.  First + foremost, we had our first Ambassador Launch with our Texas ambassador, Linz + introduced Alexis Drake handbags at her first party!  Such a fun evening meeting new friends!

Additionally, we explored Fredericksburg, Round Top, Gruene + Boerne to figure out where Alexis Drake may fit someday soon!  We learned a bunch + spent some dollars + enjoyed the Texas hospitality immensly. 

3 Things we learned about Texas...

Wear your comfy shoes...

  • If you think that wearing your cutest get-up is what is expected, you may want to check the weather.  It was a balmy 90 some degrees (in October). I wore sneakers.  I would suggest any amount of linen or cotton. Did I want to wear my boots—of course! Was I ok with the sneakers…yep! 
Don’t try to do Round Top all in one day...
  • We started at the beginning (Disco Alley)…had a frozen drink or 2, had an apron sewn + chose some beautiful beads, made new friends, @denveradotexas + headed down the road.  We hit up the other side of the road, shopped the hats + more antiques + headed for Blue Hills.  Shopped the French antiques,  Fraulein boots + scored a vintage 100X beaver felt hat + ran out of time for the rest. 

Everything in Texas is either 45 min or 2 hours away....

  • So get comfy in the car….AND stop at Buc-ees to fill-er up….If you have met the brass beaver + experienced their bathrooms + jerky bar…you know what I am talking about.  A box of beaver buddies + some cookie dough in a cup is the perfect car snack.

What we learned is that you truly needs a few more days….and there are markets everywhere you go.  

Will we go back?….yes ma’am!

We are so thrilled to have our new ambassador, Linz on board! She is currently booking home parties + pop-ups for the Fall/Holiday season in the San Antonio area!  So reach out to her if you are in the area + want to host a party. 

Email Linz at

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Email us at

Hosting a party comes with perks!  Earn a free catchall + credit towards your purchase during your show!!!

AND there are exclusive leathers only available at our Texas parties + pop-ups!!!


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