A little peek at the design process + a NEW bag...

A little peek at the design process + a NEW bag...

How do we come up with a bag?

The long + short of it really----just depends.  We have created a new style in as few as a couple days + taken as many as a few years to come up with others.

Some styles haunt us for years + one day we will be standing around our work table in production + someone will say something that completely solves the "design problem" of a bag + that's it--it's perfect.

Others start one way + develop into something completely different ---- almost morph into what we are needing over time or sometimes overnight. And some never make it past our thoughts, sketches or few prototypes.  

The truth is we think about it a lot---we talk about it a lot.  We create samples + prototypes + construct each part in our heads until it one day works or it doesn't + we move on to the next style.

When we do release it is the real test. Feedback is what we depend on + feedback is what propels us to get closer to the need----the customer need.  We depend on customer feedback for just about everything we do---because we make with you in mind.

That need/want is what has encouraged us to keep working on THIS next NEW style that we will be releasing first to our XO CLUB this weekend and to the world next month!  

If you are wanting first, exclusive access to this new style --- she is pretty great.  I have created just a few to choose from in this month's XO handbag release.  Additionally, you will get to be the first to customize this fun new style.

If you haven't signed up to be an XO MEMBER, now is the time. You can join now to get all the exclusive member benefits + access to our new style THIS weekend! 

This new style took us a few tries -- but we think you will absolutely LOVE her.  

Worth the wait.  

Cheers to your week! 


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