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XO COLLECTION | Color Block Tourist Crossbody | Ash + Embossed White

Sometimes I don't fall head over heals with a leather until it is almost gone.  Why? I don't know, I feel like sometimes I pick out the leather, let it hang out in my brain and sometimes I don't see the versatility of the color or the pattern or texture.  This embossed white was a favorite to begin with, but I never saw the depth of how it could be worn. The surface texture has so much character and it goes with so many different colors + styles. 

The gray + white embossed combination is a perfect neutral for all seasons---many of our bags are, but this one says winter is coming----and gosh it's gonna be gorgeous!

The Tourist scales down the size of our most popular handbag, allowing you to take the essentials wherever life may lead. Adjustable cross-body strap, zipper closure and three lovely pockets.  Additionally, add an outside pocket for quick access.  Your inner minimalist will thank you. 

10" x 6" x 1

$ 268.00
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