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HOLIDAY COLLECTION | Esther Shoulder Tote | Navy + Croc

The navy and our textured croc for accents. Versatile, yet fun and sassy.  We added an inside pocket to the Esther to assist with more ways to organize.

Strong and confident -- her name was Esther, my grandmother, I called her "yiayia". Classy and sharp, always put-together, compassionate and witty. She ruled the kitchen with every meal and the cookie drawer---she made buttered toast taste like a dream. Her eyes always sparkled and she gave the best hugs.  The way she would brush my hair and encourage me to wash my face --- with cold cream. Confident and elegant with a bit of sass.  That was my grandmother, Esther.

Dimensions : 12" tall x 13" wide and 5" wide on the bottom and 2" wide on the top

$ 358.00
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