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Tivoli without zipper and hobo strap
Tivoli without zipper - inside pocket detail
Tivoli - back view
Tivoli with crossbody strap added
Tivoli - lifestyle
Tivoli with zipper and sally straps
Tivoli with zipper and sally straps
Tivoli with zipper and sally strap, inside detail

Custom | Tivoli Tote

$ 348.00

A Tivoli is a person that is unquestionably unique and has a big personality. This unique version of our popular tote is just that. From the hardware to the stitched leather strap, this bag is in a class all its own.  Includes 4 large pockets inside and your choice of leather AND stitching color, with a magnetic closure to keep your life in place.  Choose to add a zipper and outside pockets as well as a crossbody strap!  Handmade in true Alexis Drake form. Cheers!

Dimensions : 4" Deep x 12" Tall x 13" Wide

 *Sally Straps are the two strap option for handles.  The flag pieces of leather that hold the sally straps to the side of the handbag are called "pennies."

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