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Catchall + Earrings + Gift Card + Wild House Skin Care | Vintage + Turquoise

We decided to package all the goodness in one of our leather catchalls this year. 

Each catchall ships directly to you or that special person and includes:

Catchall - We have our popular turquoise, limited ash, brand new vintage brown and our playful butter available in this bundle.

$20 Gift Card - Use online or in-store, never expires.

Bumble Post Earrings - Choice of sterling silver or brass.

Wild House Organic Skin Sampler - Oil Cleanser, Mask, Scrub. (Local Small Business)

The most gentle cleanser you’ll ever use, our Happy Hippy Oil Cleanser features fatty acid rich hempseed oil and is scented with a fresh, earthy blend of essential oils for a natural clean. Apply it day and night to oily skin to remove dirt and oil buildup in the pores. After cleansing, use a few drops to moisturize and enjoy the feeling of healthy, non-greasy skin all day long.

*Hempseed oil, *apricot kernel oil, *argan oil, *jojoba oil, *tea tree essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *patchouli essential oil
*Organic ingredients

A gentle mask for irritated skin, The Black Gold Clay Mask is built to deeply clean without irritating sensitive skin. We use Rhassoul Clay, which is uniquely suited to those with more sensitive skin, while activated charcoal aides in pulling impurities to the surface from the layers of the skin. Coffee powder not only brings out the invigorating scent of a fresh brewed cup, but gives your skin a shot of antioxidants and caffeine right to the surface to brighten, tighten, and reduce the appearance of inflammation.

 Rhassoul clay, *fair-trade coffee powder, activated charcoal
*Organic ingredients

A smooth Hippy is a happy Hippy, and our scrub will get the job done. Scrub away your rough patches with fair-trade sugar, while lean, green Hempseed and Avocado oils penetrate deep into your skin for unbeatable softness. Since we never use synthetic fragrances, you can count on this scrub to leave you authentically fresh with a light, earthy blend of essential oils.  Be careful not to get water inside the jar and this 100% natural, preservative free scrub will stay fresh down to the last grain of sugar. We recommend storing your scrubs in a dry area and never in your actual shower or bathtub to prevent contaminating the scrub and to avoid any mishaps where the glass jar may fall and break.

*Fair-trade cane sugar, *hempseed oil, *avocado oil, *lavender flowers, *green tea leaves, *tea tree essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *patchouli essential oil
*Organic ingredients

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