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Frank Henrich

Meet Francois (Frank) Henrich - He is our latigo super star...

What do you do at Alexis Drake?

I hunt cows, skin them, then transform their hide into fashionable latigo.

What is your favorite thing about working for Alexis Drake?

I love the autonomy and the fun atmosphere that is conducive to productive work.

What is your favorite treat?

I love Taco bravos at Taco John’s

What is your favorite bag style or product right now and why?

Any of our handbags that feature my handsome Latigo!

What is your favorite color leather or leather combination?

See previous.

Anything else about you -- family?

I am a husband with one wife, five kids and 11 grandkids. I was both a Marine and Army aviator and served 35 years in military service. I still like to get rowdy!

Frank has taken our latigo to the next level and perfected his technique. We love his enthusiasm and are grateful to work with him! His bright smile and positive energy are what we love the most!