2003  -  Designer Alexis Garrett’s concept of creating a fashion forward company with Wyoming roots begins to take shape — the story of Alexis Drake LLC begins!  The first “trunk show” in Wyoming offered six pieces of jewelry.  It was a surprising success; the orders had us working through Spring Break.  We continued to build.
2005 – Life took us to Chicago for a few years.  The big city opened a lot of doors and provided some amazing experiences. Our jewelry collections were in over thirty boutiques in and around the Midwest.  We were growing.
2007 – Designer and founder Alexis and her husband had their first bundle of joy —  Jackson (named after Jackson, WY). The company continued to climb, making a debut of a few pieces with Macy’s on State Street downtown Chicago.  But, Alexis decided to slow things down with the company and rock parenthood.
2009 – The family moved back to the wild west of Cheyenne, Wyoming (their hometown) to raise a family.  The company kept simmering and Alexis kept scheming when the next collection would appear and launch the company back into the light.
2013 – Alexis Drake relaunched a new jewelry collection that captured the big city influence coupled with western roots.  Demand ensued. Expanding our collection and diversifying product offerings was in the sights.
2014 – Our first handbag was designed.  Rough and unrefined aside, the prototype sold while she wore it while in line getting coffee. Our belief in new fresh handbag designs became an obsession.   
2015 – The company made its first major investment to keep all production in-house. We purchased “Bertha” — our first industrial leather sewing machine. The amazing adventure of designing and handcrafting handbags began.  Pop up shops are now on our mind as a way of sharing our goods in different locals. 
2016 – After many popups in cool vacant buildings, we decide that a mobile popup ought to be the next step.  Amelia, a 23’ vintage airstream, joined our adventure and we took the following year renovating and remaking her into a rolling show room.
2017 – Launched a new (and best selling) handbag collection — The Every Day series, consisting of eight versatile styles that are customizable.  They wear effortlessly.  Production needs to double, so we purchased “Helga” — Bertha’s twin.  We also hire several amazing employees, who are some of the strongest and most talented women we have ever come across. 
2019 - We opened our flagship store --- or working studio in February of this year and are thrilled to be part of the amazing energy of Downtown Cheyenne.  We couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to make and create in our downtown location as well as have a fun retail space to share our goods!  We began hosting workshops in June and have grown our amazing staff to keep up with our demand.  Come and shop our studio or join us for one of our creative workshops!
Today, our excitement is in sharing our designs with everyone and offering a high quality affordable luxury product.  Our ethos is classic in style and effortless in how you wear it — every day.

About the Designer.
As a designer, I embrace new norms and the endless evolution of style.  For me, design, fashion and style are the sum of each of our experiences in life, always different yet somewhat relatable.  As a mother, wife, business owner, and artist, I have many passions.  All of which influence my approach to the style and functionality of my designs when they are created at my workbench.  When in my Wyoming studio, time stands still and I transcend into a place that allows my vision to take shape in precious metals and leather.  It is my sincere hope that every Alexis Drake piece produced provides my customer with the same extraordinary experience I had in designing it.
Giving back.
The importance of giving back within our communities is very important.  Alexis Drake, LLC donates to many local charities within Wyoming as well as other charities throughout the US.  Getting our whole community excited about being involved in our future is how we can grow and build relationships within our city and state. Some of our recent community partners include.
-Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative 
-Wyoming Children's Society
-Ivinson Memorial Hospital (Laramie)
-Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
-University of Wyoming Art Museum
-Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum
and many many more. 
If you would like us to donate to your organization, please fill out our donation request form and we will get in contact with you.  
email: info@alexisdrake.com  phone: 307.256.4913