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The Photo Shoot

I am not a writer, but I do like to share stories.  So this version of our photoshoot is from my silly, non-writer perspective.  (run on thoughts and grammatical errors included--just pretend we are having a conversation)

Months ago I got a call from a couple friends saying that they had found this amazing place in Lander, WY and that we should head up for a girls weekend AND possibly bring a couple bags/products up to shoot some photos in this fantastic space. 

I had no idea that this space was in fact, perfect.  Perfect because of the color -- or lack of--- grays, whites, blacks and the warm neutrals.  Painted brick, exposed beams, stone tile and beautiful brushed, golden brass fixtures.  Textures of finished barn-wood, canvas, hides and linen.  You get the idea.  It was authentic style and a perfect backdrop for our products.  Not to mention the warmth in these finishes surrounding a sitting area or dining table.  Each space was as lovely and cozy as the next.  

So as you view these images, take into picture the canvas our photographers had to work with and imagine a space that is effortless and stylish, simple---yet purposeful. Imagine yourself in this space and the easy, authentic style --- this is what our brand is about.  Easy, effortless style.  The style that you throw on before dropping kiddos off to school or the style that you take to the office day in and day out.  Equally as important, equally as stylish.  Our style is who we are, and the beauty we have within --- the handbags and accessories we create for you are just the finishing touch. 

YOU are that style, YOU are the real-deal, YOU are lovely -- we just give you every day choices for wearing your style with Alexis Drake-- effortlessly.  

Cheers to your week and your authentic style.

xoxox - Alexis


Thank you to our models, photographers and The Mill House.  And huge thanks to our girls weekend, love to you all.  

Lifestyle photography by Janelle Rose Photography

Product photography by Liz Putnam Photography

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Michelle Schum on

Love the pics… Lander is a beautiful place! Wyoming has many of these types of spots that would be great to have your photo shoots at!

Liz on

Love the pics! Sorry to miss you on this trip! Please come back soon!!! I still have that strap for you.. Jill was out of town when I left town so I couldn’t get it to her. Next time!! Hugs, Liz

Barb Lynn on

Beautiful shoot, love your writing & love that your favorite herringbone wrap made in into the collection of photos.

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